Welcome to the Dirtbike Doctor and sons' website.

We have been serving our customers nationwide for 10 years. We specialize in off road motorcycles. Some we rebuild and most we part out. Give us a chance to find your part(s) at a reasonable cost!
Some of the bikes and motors we are parting out:                                                      


75XR75, 74MT125(no motor), 82XL80, 81XR80, 85,XR80, 90XR80, 84CR80, 89CR80 motor, 91CR80(no motor or wheels), 86XR100, 83XL250, 84XL250, 85XL250, 86XL250, 85XL350, 83XL600, 83XR500, 84XR500, 81CR450, 83CR480, 84CR500, 86CR500, 86CR250(sold motor) 89CR125, 90CR125,etc., etc.   




80TM125, 83RM125, 84RM125, 86RM250(no motor), 88RM80, 88RM125.


74RT360 complete motor, 75MX 400 complete motor, 76YZ100, 78DT125,78 IT 175, 78YZ 400, 82YZ 80, 82 DT 100, 83YZ 125,81YZ465,82YZ 490, 83YZ 490,84YZ250, 85Y Z80, 85YZ125,86IT200(no motor)' 87YZ125,89YZ80, 89YZ125, 87YZ250(no motor),88 YZ 250..                                                                                                                                         



75KM100, 79KX250, 80KD80, 84KX80, 88KX80Bigwheel, 89KX80, 90KX80, 92KX80, 83KDX250, 87KX500(no motor), 88KX125, 89KX250, 90KDX200, 91KX500.


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Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our inventory or simply need more information just use our Contact Page. Our E-mail address is thedirtbikedr@bellsouth.net or call us by phone at 386-767-0496, leave your message and if we have the parts we will get back to you. This is our part-time business. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.
P.S. will post new pictures every now and then. if you want, request a digital photo of your needed part(s).